Monday, 8 August 2011

CraftyCarol's Cave

Another hot day as I work through my de-cluttering exercise before heading back to work in a few weeks.
You know watching  that tv show "Hoarder's" really scares me. I have dreams of me gone missing and no one finds my body for weeks cause of all the clutter !

 I have two grown up daughters who have moved out of our home and one remaining. Although as I go through all of the various closets, I keep finding reminders of their presence! So I decided to go on a  clean mission and de-clutter once again. I found at least three boxes of photo albums,some of my earlier scrapbooks( wow and I thought at the time they were pretty good!)as well as diplomas and a bathrobe I had bought my middle daughter a few Christmas's ago ! After boxing up and delivering the priceless albums,scrapbooks and other items---Gee Mom, where will I put these??? "You'll figure it out" I sing as I jump happily into my car that is now empty...

But did I stop there ??? No... Decided to take another go at my scrap room and clean off my desk. No wonder I did not wanna scrap.... had no where to do it. Wish I had taken a "before " pic. Anyhow...once again I have moved everything from an upstairs bedroom where I previously crafted... to the den on our main floor (oh okay.. I do still have two paper racks and a small white  cupboard that I could not fit in here and most of it is "contraband paper" and cardstock that I used to think was darn nice but alas, I will probably use them for cards or donate to the kids at my school.
 I have taken some pictures so that when my room get's overrun with clutter I can pull these up to keep me on track and focused !At least I know where everything is .....for now.

This afternoon I will be attacking the dreaded basement where I will find more remnant's of my daughters' lives. Can't wait to see what I find!!!
I will take before and after pictures... I promise....

Enjoy the weather

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